Jefferson Capital Systems Prioritizes a Positive Organizational Culture

Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC (JCAP) is dedicated to fostering a thriving organizational culture that embodies its core values of integrity, respect, fairness, compliance, and communication. The company was founded in 2002 based on the bedrock principles of listening, identifying solutions, and “Doing the Right Thing.” These core values unite the JCAP team around the organization’s mission and vision, empower stakeholders to shape expectations, and demonstrate leadership’s commitment to individual team member growth and development.

JCAP conducts its business in an honest and ethical manner, promoting integrity as a fundamental part of “Doing the Right Thing.” The Company put these values into action by adopting both a Code of Ethics Policy and a Collector Code of Ethics which applies to all associates. Included in the policy is the requirement that all job duties to be conducted in accordance with sound moral and ethical standards.

The Company maintains a culture and corporate environment that promotes high ethical standards and compliance with all applicable laws and industry and community standards, including policies related to anti-corruption, anti-competition, anti-bribery, and anti-money laundering practices. To ensure alignment between its core values and its business practices, Jefferson Capital Systems reviews its vendors and stakeholders and expects them to operate in full compliance with both the spirit and the letter of the laws, rules and regulations that govern the consumer collections process and servicing. In order to verify its vendors are living up to its values and vision, JCAP engages a third-party vendor to listen to and monitor telephone communications with consumers to ensure that they are treated with respect and dignity by its vendors and its internal staff. JCAP employs an experienced and dedicated Consumer Relations staff to monitor any and all claims or complaints of consumers concerning the handling of accounts both internally and externally. The Consumer Relations staff is empowered to take immediate action if required on any account where a question or concern may be raised. By upholding high ethical standards, the JCAP team is united in their commitment to maintaining the trust of consumers, colleagues, clients, and partners.

JCAP believes in empowering team members and stakeholders to share in the Company’s vision and help shape expectations for the future. The Company works towards those goals by partnering with companies that share its core values and vision. On a quarterly basis, the Company holds an All Hands meeting where the Company’s finances, initiatives and outlook are all discussed by senior management. It also holds regular performance meetings with its stakeholders so they understand the Company’s vision and are given an opportunity to share their thoughts on where the company is headed. By practicing transparent communication and engaging in a meaningful manner with its stakeholders, Jefferson Capital Systems fosters a culture of high ethical standards, resulting in better outcomes for consumers.

Jefferson Capital Systems demonstrates its commitment to individual team member growth and development, while upholding its core values, through yearly performance feedback, regular recognition of achievements, and identifying areas for improvement. This feedback is delivered in an honest, timely and respectful manner, promoting integrity and growth while maintaining a culture of transparency. Achievements are celebrated through quarterly reward programs, and appreciation lunches. Because of these efforts, JCAP’s employee retention exceeds industry standards. Numerous JCAP employees have been with the Company since its founding over 20-years ago.

Jefferson Capital Systems’ commitment to employee empowerment, and team member growth is deeply rooted in its core values of integrity, respect, fairness, compliance, communication and “Doing the Right Thing.” By integrating these values into the mission and vision, JCAP has created a culture that employees, stakeholders, and consumers trust.